About us



We send our members updated practical information by mail about museums , monuments , booking, temporary exhibits, parking regulations….

-We pass on information about job offers

-We provide our members with a forum where they can share information

-We provide regular reports about our actions and meetings as well as a quarterly newletter

-We offer training sessions , workshops , and regularlly organize social get -togethers

Last but no least , the FNGIC makes a health mutual available to over two years- members on preferential terms, provided they have paid the annual membership fee.



- Partnership with numerous museums

- Ongoing relationship with training

- Links with different ministeries

- Specific actions aiming at protecting our profession

- Participation in meetings , professional exhibitions,…


We are particularly involved in ACTIONS concerning the evolution of our profession: we have played a main role in obtaining article 109 (July 7th 2016 law) related to the freedom of artistic creation and to architecture and heritage. We were also able to legally protect our license and the concept of a guided visit ,and obtained the obligation for museums and historical sites to use the services of certified guides .