About us



We have become today, after 35 years of efforts in bringing together certified guides, a key partner of public and private touristic and cultural institutions

Our members are individuals or regional associations whose members are all certified guides,


The secretariat

The secretary of our Paris office is Christine G. She is present on Tuedays and Thurdays and will answer all your questions. For any request , please contact her by mail or post


Our organization in brief

1981 – Founding of APGI - Association professionnelle des Guides - Interprètes

1990 - Changement of legal status: the APGI becomes the FNGI - Fédération Nationale des Guides-Interprètes

2010 – The FNGI becomes FNGIC - Fédération Nationale des Guides Interprètes et Conférenciers – after the 2011 reform